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May 15, 2011
The Review
If you like Latino guys youíll want to check out Buenos Boys. Itís a fairly new gay porn site that opened within the last year or so, and it showcases the hot guys youíll find if you ever visit Argentina.

If youíre not familiar with Argentinian guys, allow me to introduce you. Like most South American men, youíll find a lot of dark-haired, brown-eyed guys. But Argentina was one of the destinations of choice of Europeans after the Second World War, particularly Germans, so amongst this crowd of typically dark-haired and brown-eyed Latino guys, youíll find several swarthy brunettes with blue and green eyes, and even a few blonds. To say that many of these Buenos Boys are exotic looking is an understatement.

Buenos Boys currently has 54 episodes. For the first year theyíve been focussing on solo jerk-off sessions, but they have just recently released their first oral sex video featuring a couple of their hottest guys. So, it looks like theyíll be mixing up the action in the months ahead. Each video episode is available in Quicktime (640 x 480), WMV (640 x 480), and a smaller format in M4V (320 x 240) thatís geared towards iPhones and other handheld devices. Thereís also a streaming Flash version (480 x 360) that you can watch right on the site.

The videos range in length from 15 to 30 minutes and most of them start off with an interview. Since the guys speak Spanish, the videos are subtitled in English. The guys strip and start playing with their cocks. Most of them seem to end up in the shower where they finish themselves off. I liked this aspect of the jerk-off sessions because it offers us something a little different than the normal jerking off on a bed or couch that we see on so many gay porn sites. I canít say that all the videos have showering scenes, but of the four that I watched, three of them did.

Because the guys are Argentinian, theyíre largely blessed with uncut cocks. And the cocks range is size, although there are several well-hung guys in the siteís offering. The guys are amateurs, most have never made a porn video before; some are straight, some bisexual, and some gay. The producer of Buenos Boys finds these guys in outdoor markets, at soccer games, on bikes in busy streets, at concerts; and the guys are students, models, DJs, athletes, labourers, and a few are just plain trouble.

The producer describes the perfect Buenos Boy as a guy who is searching for someplace they havenít found yet, a guy missing someone they havenít met, a guy who is searching for something higher or better. Most of the guys are beautiful, but masculine, young men in their twenties and their bodies range from well defined to well built Ė athletic really Ė but stop short of falling into the bodybuilder category.

Each modelís episode is accompanied by some detailed stats about who he is, where heís from, and his physical attributes. Aside from the videos, thereís a 3-minute preview video so you can sample the full-length video and thereís a photo gallery with 40 to 50 digital photos. The photos display in a Flash player that easily lets you jump from one photo to the next, which was fine, but I really didnít like this set-up because it doesnít allow you to right-click and save any of the photos, which is a shame.

There are also 13 bonus galleries of guys who did not make videos, so they have photo galleries only. And Buenos Boys offers two videos twice a month from Italian gay porn site Lucas Kazan.

The only other problem I had with Buenos Boys is that, in the photo galleries, the guys go from clothed to nude and fully hard, so thereís not much opportunity to look at their uncut cocks in a flaccid state. This is a downer because I love uncut cocks and I really enjoy seeing a guyís foreskin.

Buenos Boys is a new site so itís not busting at the seams with videos, but itís 54 jerk-off episodes is certainly enough to keep you busy for a month or two. And the monthly price of $19.95 is quite reasonable. The guys are cute to good looking and they have beautiful bodies. There are heaps of big cocks and loads of foreskin. And if you like watching guys lathering up and jerking off in the shower, thereís plenty of wet action. In spite of Buenos Boys couple of shortcomings, I still highly recommend this site. Lovers of Latin guys should really enjoy Buenos Boys.

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First review date
May 15, 2011
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