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First review date
February 19,2008
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March 18,2010
The Review
Jeremy Roddick is an amateur hardcore site with lots of hot boys and horny action. Jeremy, who obviously operates this site, is the main model on the site. You can see this well build, college aged guy in most of the movies, but their are some movies without Jeremy as well.

The tourpages are well-designed and give you a good look of what is in the member-section. There are description for all episodes along with some preview pictures and short streaming videos. Personally, I am surprised by the large number of hot models, who are all amateur guys in their early twenties.

The tour even has a small blog to give the site a more personal touch. I like these extra features and I hope Jeremy will put up some more stuff soon. It give us all the opportunity to learn more about Jeremy as a person.

Once inside the membersection, the layout of the site is the same, but their are more options of course. Currently there are 40 hardcore episodes. There are 40 episodes with a full length movie and I really like the way of how these are filmed. The video quality runs from good to excellent, the size of 640x360 is okay and the action is captured well. Sometimes you almost get the idea, that you are in the same room as these hot guys are in. Jeremy Roddick offers great movies and I really enjoyed them, but it's a pitty that there are only 40 episodes at the time of this review. Hopefully Jeremy will continue to update on a regular basis.

You can either download the videos or watch them as online streaming videos. I am happy to see that the videos are not protected by DRM, which means you can keep the movies on your own computer, even after your membership ends. Videos are MAC compatible as well.

There is a matching picture set for each video set, containing about 100 photos at a size of 640x480. The action is captured very well and the quality of the pictures runs from average to quite good. Photos can be watched in a flash slideshow. If you want you can save the pictures individually to your own pc.

The content is unique, which means you will not find the same movies on other sites and I think that all these hot models are exclusive to Jeremy Roddick as well.

A membership gives you free access to Squirtz and VideoBoys as well. Because of these additional sites, I believe that the membership fee is very reasonable. However, I really hope that Jeremy Roddick will continue to grow in the future, cause updates don't seem very constant.

If you are into twenty-something year old amateur guys and hardcore movies, then Jeremy Roddick is a site you will enjoy very much. For those of you, I recommend you to join as a member and see all those hot dudes in horny action.

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First review date
February 19, 2008
Last update
March 18, 2010