Terms, Tips & Tricks
Below you'll find some articles, which have been written to educate people who want to join a (gay)pornsite. Also a lot of common terms are being explained. The articles are listed in alphabetical order.
Cancel your membership
If you want to cancel a membership, you should go to the site and search for a cancellation link. Often, you are then being redirected to a third party biller (Epoch, CCbill, Verotel), where you can end your membership.
Cross Sells
Some companies put (pre-checked) cross sells on their join pages. If the boxes are checked at time of subscribtion, you will get full access to these additional sites as well. Please note that you will get billed (untill canceled) for access to these additional sites as well. If you do not want additional access be sure to uncheck those boxes.

In case we are aware of pre-checked cross sells on joinpages, we will mention this in our reviews as well.

If a website offers DirectPay on their join page, which allows you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to purchase a membership. If available, this feature will be clearly posted on the said site.
DRM protection
Digital rights management (DRM) is a term that refers to access control technologies used by hardware manufacturers, publishers and copyright holders to limit usage of digital media or devices. DRM often disables that downloaded videos can be viewed after your membership has ended (even when the videos are stored at your harddisk).

The use of digital rights management is controversial. Advocates argue it is necessary for copyright holders to prevent unauthorized duplication of their work to ensure continued revenue streams. Some opponents, such as the Free Software Foundation, maintain that the use of the word "rights" is misleading and suggest that people instead use the term Digital Restrictions Management. Their position is essentially that copyright holders are attempting to restrict use of copyrighted material in ways not covered by existing laws. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and other opponents, also consider DRM systems to be anti-competitive practices.

More and more adult entertainment companies are offering DRM free videos. Read our reviews to see wether content on a paysite is protected by DRM or not.

Exclusive content
The term exclusive content is used for content (pictures and videos) that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet but on the paysite.
Is it safe to purchase online?
In general it is. Over 95 percent of all pornsites make use of a third party biller (CCbill, Epoch, Netbilling, Verotel). These are major companies which you can trust. They handle your payment safe and via secure servers. We encourage you to check if the merchant is using a secure server tho. The website address of the page where you fill in your details, should always start with https:// (the S stands for secure server). Should you have any doubts, try to get more information about the reputation of a pornsite or merchant first.
Third party companies that provide billing solutions are often refered to as merchants. CCbill, Epoch and Verotel are the leading merchants.
Multi site membership
Often refered to as Porn Pass as well. A membership that gives you access to a whole network of sites in stead of just one single site.
A niche is a pornographic category that appeals to ones taste or fetish. For example; twinks, interracial, bdsm.
Non recurring billing
A membership that is being cancelled at the end of the first billing cycle. Non recurring prices are generally higher, compared to recurring prices.
Online check
Online checks are often accepted as a payment method. The website owner receives an electronic check, which they can print and deposit with their bank in a traditional way.
Phone or SMS billing
More and more websites offer alternative ways to pay for the membership fees. One alternative that has became very populair is phone billing, whereby you pay your subscription fee through your regular telephone bill. Some sites even offer to pay via SMS.
If a pornsite is top notch, we'll let you know. If a pornsite is crap, we'll suggest you to avoid that site. Our ranking stars are a quick and easy tool, which tells you how we rate a site.
See our ranking system further explained.
Recurring billing
Memberships with recurring billing have subscription fees that are automatically renewed at the end of the original term selected, for a similar period of time, unless notice is received from the subscriber 24 hours prior to the end of the initial billing period in order to cancel automatic renewal.
Search for a review
If you are searching for a specific review, please use our searchpage and enter your search term. To return the most accurate results, it is best to use the site's name as your search term.
Trial memberships
Trial memberships are an excellent way to see if a website will satisfy your needs without buying a full membership. Most websites offer 1, 3 or 5 day trials against reduced tariffs. If you are uncertain about wether to join a website, it's recommended to sign up for a trial membership first.

Beware that not all trials give full access (for example: access to free bonus sites is often blocked). You should also know that trials will automatically recur unless you cancel within the specified trial period.

Video codecs
A codec is a required software that compresses or decompresses a particular video file. Each video file format requires a different codec. If a video file is being encoded (created), a codec is used to compress the file. If a video file is being decoded (opened and used), a codec is used to decompress the file. Members to sites need a codec to decompress a file. Most codecs will already be installed on your system. However, some may not and those that are may need to be updated. Often, sites provide you with the codecs that are needed.
What shows on my credit card statement?
Don't worry, you will never see something like Bareback Bangers or Cum Filled Twinks on your credit card statement. You rather see the name of the merchant or an alternative company name.