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November.18, 2009
The Review
Jake Cruise is an older pervert who loves getting it on with younger men. Preferably very hot muscled up and well hung hunks to be exact. He's usually a bottom and sometimes he's even willing to let them fuck his ass bareback. While a lot of the scenes do star Jake getting fucked, sucking cock and generally "Cruisin" for beefcake, Jake also offers up some pretty sizzling scenarios featuring a couple of the hot hunks by themselves. If you like solo scenes then there are a few of these at Jake Cruise as well. A large library of videos shot in high definition and quality pics are available of Jake and his gorgeous friends inside. Let's find out more.

The members area of Jake Cruise is quite self-explanatory. The main menu is to the left in a sidebar with the most recent videos down the center of the page. To get to each page you can use use "next" and "previous" buttons for navigation. Linked thumbnails take you to each video page. That's it. Simple and easy to use. There are no ads inside Jake Cruise except on the "links" page where you'll see banners for other sites and thumbnail links to live webcams.

As of November 18th 2009 there are 460 videos inside Jake Cruise. Two formats are available - wmv and quicktime (mov). The quicktime videos are broken up into scenes taken from the full length videos. There are 2 versions to choose from: 364kbps at a resolution of 448x252 and 1146kbps at a size of 960x540. There are also 2 versions for the wmv files: 1Mbps at a size of 448x252 and 2Mbps at 960x540.

I found the wmv versions of the videos to be the best quality. The videos average in length at approximately 30-40 minutes per. The action is well caught and we get lots of great closeups and angle shots. DRM is not in place for any of the videos inside Jake Cruise.

With each of the 460 videos there is a matching photo gallery. Each gallery contains an average of 105 photos. Viewing the photos is a bit different. While most of the galleries use a flash format, some of the images open in a classic gallery format as well. The portraits that open up in a different page are at a size of 640x960px. The flash portaits are at 640x960 as well, and the landscapes are at 960x640. These are good quality images and capture the action quite well. I didn't find them too repetitive either, which does tend to happen on some sites. One downfall is you cannot save the flash images to your computer and there are no zip files available for download.

Jake Cruise is an older, nice looking man with a white goatee and a pretty wild imagination. His counterparts for the most part are good looking 20-something hunks who love to suck, fuck and at times even get a bit kinky. From cocksucking, rimming, fucking, foot play to threesomes, hardcore sex is what it's all about at Jake Cruise. Out of all the scenes I watched it looked as though everyone was having a great time. Jake sure loves to please his young hunks!

I like Jake Cruise and what it has to offer us. This is the first time I've been inside and now I can see why members like it so much. Jake is quite the oral and anal servicer and the men he takes on are pretty damn hot. Of course, the other scenes without Jake are just as entertaining. Especially in the higher quality wmv videos. Consistent updates 2-3 times per week are a huge bonus! The pictures capture the action well and are of nice, clear quality. It's a bit of a drag you can't save most of them, but I suppose one can overlook that with so many other positives going on. Jake Cruise is a great site with very good content and super sexy men engaged in hardcore gay sex. What more could you ask for really?

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Jake Cruise
Jake Cruise
Jake Cruise
460+ video shoots
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460+ photo sets
Average per set
105 photos
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First review date
November.18, 2009