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June 21, 2010
The Review
There's a new gay porn site based out of the UK on the scene and it's called Hard Brit Lads. The spotlight is placed on horny twinks, hunks and other hot, sporty men from England. Most are wearing athletic attire of some kind as well, as this is quite a trend in the UK these days.

The men range in age from 18 to up into their thirties. A few black can also be seen. Big uncut cocks are very prevalent at Hard Brit Lads, and the men are either stroking them off in solo scenarios, sucking each other off, or fucking. As of the writing of this review, there are 36 DRM free, downloadable and streaming videos inside Hard Brit Lads. Both Mp4 and M4V formats are available, as well as flash streams. Each video contains a matching digit still gallery with an average of 80-150 images in each set. All media captures the action well too. Let's go inside Hard Brit Lads to find out more.

The designers of Hard Brit Lads were sure to make clicking economic inside the members area. Getting around is quite simple. Each page contains the main menu at the top, as well as a search box. The home shows off the lastest 6 updates, each laid out with a linked thumbnail preview and a description of the shoot. All videos are listed by the dates they were added to Hard Brit Lads. There are no ads inside the members area.

As of June 21, members will find 36 exclusive videos inside Hard Brit Lads. DRM is not in place for any of them and there are two main downloadable versions - MP4s at a screen resolution of 960x540 with a bitrate of about 2.8 Mbps on average and an M4V shown at 320x240 at approximately 800k at good, amateur quality. Members may also download Ipod and mobile device format versions in smaller, but good quality, resolutions. Flash streaming versions of each video are also available in either a standard or HD format. These are also at a screen resolution of 906x500 and of just about average to good quality. The action is captured quite well and each shoot starts off with a short interview of the lads. The solo shoots range in length from 10 to 15 minutes, while hardcore movies run from 20 to 25 minutes.

With each video comes a matching set of digital stills. The number of images for each set ranges anywhere from 30 to over 250. The galleries are viewed in a light box format, where members can scroll through them. It isn't a slideshow, however. Each still may be saved by itself, or if you prefer, zip files containing the full galleries can downloaded. The images can be a bit repetitive, whoever, the action is caught very well and we get some very hard-on inspiring closeups. These are very good quality digital stills too.

We found most of the models inside Hard Brit Lads to be quite cute and good looking. They are obviously athletic and sporting lads, which always makes for a hotter man to watch get off. Some are definitely of the twink variety, but if you prefer a more hunkish guy, they can be found as well. Most are quite well hung and certainly don't have any issues getting a hard-on and keeping it that way. The solo scenarios most times feature the lad fucking himself with a dildo or anal toy, while the duos, more often than not, lead to some great cock sucking and fucking activities. Yeah, the men inside Hard Brit Lads are fantastic to watch and they sure shoot out a good amount of cum!

Hard Brit Lads has a blog in its free area, but members also get access to a community forum. There isn't a lot of action going on in there right now, but with time the community should grow and become quite active. Pin-Ups of 5 of the models can also be downloaded. They contain a large watermark in the upper corner.

With the rise of sporty, UK based gay porn sites these days, it's tough to see who is worth the money and who isn't. Hopefully our review of Hard Brit Lads will help you with that. We very much enjoyed our visit here to say the very least. While some of the men are on the twinkish side, more are quite masculine and even sport a bit of attitude. Always a plus in our eyes! Most of the men have big, thick cocks and they are not shy in the least about showing them off.

The content is of good HD quality. All action is captured well and updates come in every 2-9 days. While 36 videos and digital still galleries isn't a huge amount at this point, Hard Brit Lads is growing fast and will soon be a good contender amongst its UK base, gay porn site peers. Yes, give Hard Brit Lads a try folks. We do believe you'll be pleased indeed.

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First review date
June 21, 2010