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April 8,2008
The Review
FetishLad is deffinately one of the most complete fetish sites on the web and is really worth joining, if you are into stuff that is a bit different than what the more regular sites have to offer. I, for one, really enjoyed this virtual trip through the world of fetishes.

FetishLad offers you a big variety of fetishes. Their content covers bondage, mummification, spanking, body worship, dwarfs, bears, leather, feet, smoking, crossdressing, skinheads, uk lads, suits, sportswear, gloryholes, vacuum pumping, pissing, fisting, gas masks, breath control, shemales, toys and torture. I am sure I forgot to name a few others, but it should give you an impression of what FetishLad has to offer.

The site is clean and simple and setup in an amateur style, which is not a negative point in this case. The menu on the left has a lot of options and features. The main features are the Fetish Pictures Galleries, the FetishLad Video Clips and the Member Video Exchange.

The photos vary in quality and size, but most of them are of in good to excellent quality. There are a lot of different shoots and these cover all the fetishes listed above.

FetishLad offers over 100 clips, which are devided into two different sections. First there are the amateur videos, which are uploaded by other members. Then there is also a section of videos exclusively made for FetishLad. The content is unique and you won't find it anywhere else. Videos are available in WMV and Flash and with both options, you can choose between the small and large version. Older movies are only available in small format. Unfortunatelly, videos cannot be downloaded to your own computer.

But, there is more... FetishLad offers you stories and the Streaming Porn section gives you access to some third party sites. There are three Video On Demand sites to choose from.

Then there are some more features, like the FetishLad Phone and a shopping section, but most of them require additional payment.

For those who are into fetish, I can recommend you to join FetishLad, because they have a lot to offer. There is something to suit everyones desire. I really enjoyed FetishLad and their content kept me hard, while doing this review. Men, what a job I have.

Picture Samples
The below picture samples give you an idea about the style of the content and the looks of the models. The below pictures have been resized to fit into this page. Actual pictures are bigger. Click the thumbnails to see the larger versions. Larger versions will open in a new browser.

Fetish Lad
Fetish Lad
Fetish Lad
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Discreetly billed as Verotel.
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April 14, 2008