Our ranking system further explained
The sites listed at Gay Porn Assistant have been reviewed in depth and our findings are listed in detailed review page. Here we tell you everything about our reviews and our ranking system.
Ranking stars
Every site gets rewarded with ranking stars. 1 star is the worst score and 5 stars is the best score.

Excellent, hard to get any better
Great, almost there
Good, but needs some work
Poor, needs a lot more work
Very poor, well it's a start
Not even worth mentioning

We rate the sites in several ways.

First there is an overall score, which is the total score we give to a site.

Second, there is a size score, which tells you about the size of a site (in relation to the number of pictures and/or videos and the total length of the videos).

Next, we have the quality score, which shows you what to expect from the size and quality of pictures and/or videos.

Then, there is the updates score, which is an indication of how regular a site is being updated, but we also look at the size of the updates.

The pricing score is a reward based on the membership fee, compared to the size and quality of the site.

Last, but not least, we show you the value score. This is how we feel a site is worth your money. We take a look at every aspect, such as the price, the number of videos, the quality of the movies, the models, the layout, the navigation, wether the information on the tourpages is correct and a lot more.

A quick indication of the membership fees. Mostly, you'll find a price for a 30 day membership and a 60 or 90 day membership.
The details here give you information of when a site was first reviewed and when the review has been updated for the last time. There is also a link to the site weŽve reviewed.
The review
This is probably the most important part of the review page. It is a detailed evaluation of the pornsite, from the time we arrive on the tourpages to the deepest pages inside the memberarea. Here youŽll read detailed information about the models, the navigation, the video formats, the video sizes, the picture sizes, wether a site gives you access to additional bonus sites and much more.
Picture samples
Each review comes with three pictures. The pictures have been resized to fit in the page, but it gives you some idea about how the models look and the style of the pornsite.
Video facts
This part shows you how many videos are currently listed on the paysite and in what formats and sizes they are being offered. Furthermore, you can see if videos can be downloaded to your own computer and wether videos are protected by DRM or not.
A detailed list of all available membership options. It also tells you if a certain membership option is a recurring membership or a non-recurring membership. We also list the various payment methods and the merchant who is being used to take care of the billing.
Pros and Cons
Two easy lists showing you the positive and negative things. Yes, it's that easy.
Additional information
An overview of the dates on which we have visited the pornsite, the category the site would best fit in and a link to the reviewed site.