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January.28, 2007
The Review
Sean Cody is one of the very best amateur sites on the net. The models are titled as "boys next door", but I think you must feel very lucky if you live next to such a boy. Sean Cody stands out because of the gorgeous models, high quality movies and the number of movies (close to 450 and still counting).

I am very enthousiastic about the Sean Cody tour, as non members are able to see previews of all the videos inside. There is also some information about the models available for non-members.

Although I could enjoy the tour pages a bit longer, I think we should log-in and see the real stuff. Sean Cody is easy to navigate and the layout is plain and simple. There is a main navigation bar and there is a large overview listing all the video episodes.

Each episode include a short piece of information, pictures directly taken from the movie and of course the full length movie. There is a perfect mix of solo movies and action movies where the boys jerk together, suck or fuck. The action in the video is captured very well and the sound is excellent.

Some of the older movies are shown at 320x240, while all newer movies are shown at an incredible size of 960x540. All available in 3 different speeds and qualities. You can choose to view the movies as an online stream or you can download them directly to your harddrive. Videos are free of DRM protection, which means that you can still watch downloaded movies after you cancel your membership.

The quality of the movies is excellent and that's why Sean Cody is one of the best amateur sites. Unfortunatelly, the quality of the pictures (vidcaps) is not as good as it should be, but then again I guess the movies are the most important part of the Sean Cody website.

The movies have some kind of personal touch, as each movie begins with a short interview, where you can hear Sean and the boys talk. I like these interviews, because they are short and it gives you a better view of what the boys are like. On the website, there is also a small area, where you can read about Sean himself, which also gives it all a personal touch.

A membership does not come with any bonus sites or other additional things, but in my opinion the site is very complete and you don't need any additionals. It will take you a very, very long time to watch all the movies (447 full length movies!!). I am not sure when and how many times a week the site updates, but I can tell they update it a lot.

If you are into amateur guys and hardcore gaysex, you should go with Sean Cody. Compared to any other amateur site, they have far more movies and hotter (mostly straight) models. You will not regret your choice!

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Sean Cody
Sean Cody
Sean Cody
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First review date
January.28, 2007