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May 15, 2011
The Review
Squirtz takes us to Montreal, Canada and showcases some of the hottest and cutest twinks and young guys this city has to offer. These guys range in age from 18 to 25; they’re mostly smooth; and if you’re not familiar with Québecois guys, they’re largely packing uncut cocks. Squirtz is a jerk-off site, so you’ll be treated to some hot masturbation sessions as these guys show off their lean and slender bodies and work their big cocks – I forgot to mention that Québecois guys are also pretty well hung, too.

Squirtz is well designed and easy to use. The member’s area lists the videos in the order they were added with the newest appearing on the homepage. Older videos are accessible by clicking page numbers that display 12 videos per page and there are 40 pages of videos.

The videos themselves take a bit of explaining. First, Squirtz has been around for a number of years, so there are a lot of videos – 470 jerk-off videos at the time of this review. But since the site has been in operation for a number of years, the videos display in a number of different sizes. The newest videos range from 640 x 360 to 640 x 480, but I found other odd sizes, too. Older videos play in the same size (640 x 480) but it doesn’t appear that they’ve been reformatted for this bigger player size. These older videos are encoded at 320 x 240 videos and have been stretched to fit the newer player size and this creates some graininess and blurring. But certainly this isn’t the case with most of the library of videos, which are good quality. I spoke to Squirtz and they told me that they’re busy re-encoding these older videos and hope to have everything wrapped up by mid-summer of 2011.

Each jerk-off episode comes with model stats, a downloadable video, streaming video clips, screen grabs, and a downloadable zip of high-res photos. About the last third of episodes, 100 to 150 videos, do not include downloadable videos, but that still leaves you with over 300 videos that you can download. And most of these episodes only include screen capture photos while the newest videos include both high-res and screen capture photos. The videos run between 15 and 20 minutes. Again, all of the videos should be uniformly featured with downloadable versions by summer of 2011.

You have a couple of options with the videos: you can download a M4V version that’s viewable in QuickTime or you can stream the videos on the site. The downloadable video is DRM free, so it’s yours to keep and it contains the complete scene. The streaming videos are segmented into shorter clips, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because these clips follow a similar format for each video: interview, strip tease, ass close-up, dick close-up, cumshot, and clean-up. So if you don’t want to watch the interview or strip tease, you simply jump to the section you want.

Because the guys are Québecois, some of them only speak French; and in these cases the interviews are subtitled in English. I liked the interviews because they give you a chance to get to know the guys a little better. And even listening to their French accents adds another sexy layer to these young guys.

There’s no way to search for models, but Squirtz tells me that it’s very rare that a model appears twice on the site. The lack of search functions by other criteria like hairy colour or cock size is a limitation of their Content Management System (CMS) and they tell me this is one of the things they’ll be addressing in the coming months. (BTW, they answered my questions by e-mail within about 15 minutes of sending it, so I can vouch for their excellent customer service.)

Squirtz is also working on installing a Flash player that will allow more viewing options for watching the streaming videos, but for the time being, the videos are streaming QuickTime movies.

I enjoyed the guys on Squirtz. Most of them are pretty cute. If you’re into young guys with lean and slender bodies, you’ll find heaps of jack-off inspiration here. There are also more well-defined bodies to choose from as some of these guys work out. And of course I was really happy with the cocks, lots of big dicks and loads of foreskin. And there were also quite of few guys sporting tattoos.

Squirtz isn’t really a twink site, although there are some, but most of the guys fall into the young guy category and are more filled out and developed than their twink counterparts. And if you like watching guys jerking off, Squirtz is going to keep you stocked with heaps of videos to watch. With unlimited downloads and DRM-free videos, you really can’t go wrong with this gay porn site.

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May 15, 2011
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